Who To Complain To About Incompetent Boiler Repairs

Who To Complain To About Incompetent Boiler Repairs

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I have called Trading Standards and environmental health as I am incredibly concerned about enabling them back to fix the boiler again as I consider they have actually been incompetent and irresponsible. CHP boilers are now part of the Feed-in Tariff scheme. I had another repair check out last week and discovered there was a leakage of carbon monoxide gas.

Before You File A Home Services Complaint

Online - if you have access to the Web you can file your complaint via our online website, more at Swift Boiler Repair Bolton (swift-boiler-repair-bolton.co.uk). To be qualified to make a complaint versus a business utilities provider you must have currently complained to that business/company directly in writing and either got a final written reaction or offered the business/company 8 weeks to react to your disagreement.

Why Complain About An Insurance Company?

Assuming you have a reliable boiler - preferably one that is still in warranty - do you need cover at all?

Self Insurance

An annual service normally costs UK £ 80, and if your boiler is still covered by the producer's warranty, that's all you need each year.

Boiler Repair

Every insurer should release a protests treatment that you can follow if things fail.

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